In this example, we’ll discuss a book royalties advance company called Bookworm. Historically, Bookworm has used wire transfers to fund its advances, but they’re looking to add more flexibility to their offering.



Bookworm creates an Enterprise in the Manifest dashboard.

Manifest assigns Bookworm an account at our bank partner. Bookworm is able to fund their account via wire or ACH.

Manifest Enterprise Dashboard


Bookworm adds a Manifest payment option to their web app.

Bookworm links to or embeds Connect so their authors can open a Manifest account, or link to their existing bank via ACH.

Triangle's creator web app lins to Connect


Bookworm issues advances to their artists using the Manifest API.

Because of Manifest’s capped pricing for instant transfers, Bookworm is able to offer their authors with Manifest accounts a new weekly payout option.

Payouts are paid into creator accounts


By adding a flexible advance option to their platform, Bookworm:

  • Helped its authors find free business banking tailored for creators.
  • Created a more flexible option for authors that eases their cashflow.
  • Reduced its advance costs — even for artists who still choose to use ACH.

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