In Sandbox, both enterprise operating accounts and customer accounts start with $5,000.00. Because of this, we limit sandbox payouts to $20.00 so you don’t run out of money too quickly

ACH Payouts

ACH payments in sandbox work differently than in production.

  • Every hour, on the hour, pending ACH payouts will be moved to the sent status.
  • To simulate a returned ACH, change the account number to begin with a 9. Your payout will change from pending to sent on the hour as usual, but will update to returned after 30 minutes.


Connect works differently in sandbox to help speed up testing:


  • You don’t have to enter the correct 2FA code to login. Just use the prefilled 000000.


  • Use the prefilled “Alice Alison” information to simulate a successful identity verification and account open.
  • Change the name on the prefilled “Alice Alison” info in the Manifest application to simulate a failed identity verification flow.

Manifest App

Any Manifest accounts you create in sandbox Connect are accessible in the Manifest app — you just have to switch it to sandbox mode. After being enabled, this mode will persist between app sessions and restarts until disabled.

To enable sandbox mode:

  • On the opening screen (with the “Get Started” button), swipe the carousel to the last screen, labeled “More”.
  • There are 3 images shown on the More screen. The leftmost image shows two faces. Tap it 4 times in a row to toggle sandbox mode.
  • After toggling sandbox mode, you’ll see a notification banner at the top of the screen confirming the switch.
  • Once enabled, the only visible indication that you’re in sandbox mode is on the “Sign In” and “Get Started” screens, where the headline at the top of the screen is followed by “(Sandbox)“.


Manifest sends emails to users in the following situations related to the enterprise platform:

  • Manifest login created
  • Manifest bank account opened
  • Connect invite created with send_email: true
  • Payout issued
    • For direct account connections, this email will go to the owner(s) of the business profile.
    • For ach account connections, this email will go to the email address you’ve set on the account connection.

The sandbox environment has a safeguard to prevent spam and user confusion. Normal email addresses like will not receive an email. If you want to receive emails for a sandbox account connection, include a +sandbox suffix, like or

To help avoid confusion, Manifest does not send “Manifest Daily Summary” emails in sandbox.